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Cancer, Exercise and You

I am just back from a short notice trip to New Zealand. Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer so I went back to lend a hand and support while he had surgery. Dads’ surgery went very well; we are now awaiting the outcome of the post-surgery biopsy. It all looks positive! It was also an educational journey for me, according to the UK National Health Service website men are more likely to die from cancer than woman and the most common cancer is prostate cancer. It is not doom and gloom though, the mortality rates are dropping markedly and this is due in large part to early detection. Which is why we are so positive about my father’s situation, he had set up an annual medical with his doctor. This is partly why I am writing about prostate cancer in my blog. We hear often about woman’s cervical and breast cancer screening programs, my perception is that screening for men is not publicised as well. Perhaps this is due to men not discussing it as much – we aren’t always the best of communicators are we?! As a result of dads situation I have set up an annual test for myself with my doctor and I know a number of male family friends have done the same. We are also talking about it more which can only be a good thing.

More related to FitandAbel is the fact that physical activity and body weight are cancer related risk factors. This is even more reason to make a conscious decision to eat well and exercise. I have set my summer exercise goals, have you? As an aside I can’t help but notice how many of you are setting swimming and triathlon goals this summer, it is exciting to see such resurgence in swimming. I am sure we can’t out it down to the weather so what is the reason? I would love to hear and theories? Is it just coincidence?

For more information or to support prostate cancer visit http://www.prostate-cancer.co.uk or http://www.prostate.org.nz/  for exercise information contact me dan@fitandabel.com

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