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Lake Tahi Swim Racing

RealSwim Race Series 2023/2024

With the cancellation of the RealSwim Race Series event at Corsair Bay for the 2023/2024 summer we will hold three race scenarios at Lake Tahi to provide you an opportunity to gain race experience in an event group environment and gain a race time for your chosen distance. You can practice not only your swimming race plan, but also your race preparation plan (gear, timings, pre and post hydration and nutrition) to set you up well for your summer swimming events. We’ll be keeping it simple but you will have wave starts, be timed and results will be available.

Race Dates

Sunday 19 November 2023 – RESULTS
Sunday 14 January 2024 – RESULTS
Sunday 11 February 2024 – RESULTS

Race Start 0645

Race Distances

Short = 1000m
Medium = 2000km
Long = 3000km

Event Timeline
  • Registration opens at 6:00am
  • Registration closes at 6:30am
  • Compulsory race brief will be at 6:40am
  • Race Start will be in waves, starting from 6:45am. The long course swimmers will be set off first. Waves are started 2mins apart.
  • Course cut off is 90mins after race start
  • 1000m
  • 2000m
  • 3000m

The race will be swum on a 1000m course.

  • Single Swim Pass: $30
  • 3 Race Swim Pass: $90
  • On the morning registration is available, please bring $35 cash.

Please note: the 3 race swim pass is not a discounted pass, it is provided for the convenience of booking. We are doing our best to deliver a swim race opportunity in Canterbury this summer. Thanks for your support.


Colours have been selected for high visibility and safety in open water

  • Yellow must be worn by 3000m competitors
  • Pink must be worn by 2000m competitors
  • Orange must be worn by 1000m competitors

All swimmers must wear the appropriate coloured cap. You may wear your own cap as long as it is the correct colour. Yellow, pink and orange caps will be available to purchase as part of the registration or on the morning for $5.

Race Rules
  • All online entries must be received by 1700 on the Saturday evening before the race.
  • Competitors YOUNGER THAN 16 years on the day who are competent swimmers may seek dispensation from the race director to enter via their parent or guardian. Please e-mail to info@fitandabel.com
  • All competitors must wear the appropriate coloured cap. (3000m= Yellow, 2000m= Pink, 1000m= Orange). It may have any branding but must be the correct colour. Correct coloured caps are available for $5.
  • All swimmers must attend the safety briefing 5mins before race start at every event.
  • The start line is waist deep.
  • Race cut off is 90mins after race start – you must complete your swim by this time or you will be asked to leave the water.
  • Un-sportsperson like behaviour will not be tolerated, this is a community, fun swim event. Anyone deemed to be in breach of this, will be asked to leave the venue.
  • Competency – swimmers are responsible for ensuring they have completed sufficient training to ensure they can competently complete this event. If in doubt speak to a staff member prior to beginning. We recommend a private swim coaching lesson and preparation in the group open water coached swims prior to swim racing.
  • The race director has the final say on race course layout and race participation.

For RealSwim Race Series Events feedback and queries email us on events@fitandabel.com

Keep an eye out for updates and other opportunities including our regular Fit&Abel swim coaching posts on facebook.

Gain some swim race experience this summer!

Terms and conditions for RealSwim Race Series Events:

I understand that there are risks involved in the activities I will be undertaking, caused by hazards such as cold water, changeable weather, and other users of the water.

I understand that an unpredictable or uncontrollable event may occur that could possibly cause me serious harm or death.

I understand there is a minimum level of competency required for this activity and if I am unsure I will check with a Fit&Abel staff member before undertaking this activity.

I am aware of the implications of my voluntary participation and the consequences should I ignore the organisation’s safety management procedures and directions, including procedures and directions regarding the use of safety equipment.

I acknowledge that the organisation will take all reasonable and practicable steps to keep me safe while I am involved in these activities. However, I accept full responsibility for my own actions or inaction.

I commit to keeping New Zealand waterways pest free by checking, rinsing and drying my wetsuit and swim gear when swimming in a new fresh water location.

I understand that photographs may be taken of the swimming activity and may be used for Fit&Abel marketing purposes.

By registering for the FitandAbel RealSwim Race Series event I confirm that I am physically fit and competent to complete the event distance that I have chosen to enter (3000m, 2000m or 1000m).

I understand that the swim is in open water.

I accept that it is my responsibility to contact the event organisers should any information on my entry form need to be updated e.g emergency contact details.

Please speak to staff if uncertain about any aspect of the event.

If the event is cancelled due to weather conditions, Covid level restrictions, weather events or ‘acts of God’, I understand I will receive a credit for my entry on my FitandAbel TeamUp account.

I understand and agree to the following refund policy;

  • If I cancel my event entry for any reason more than 72hrs prior to the event date, I will receive my swim pass back onto my FitandAbel Team Up account to use for another RealSwim Race Series event during the 2023/2024 season. Or if no races remain, I will receive 100% of my entry fee back as a credit to my FitandAbel Team Up account
  • If I cancel my event entry for any reason less than 72hrs prior to the event date, I will receive no refund or credit to my FitandAbel Team Up account.

By entering the RealSwim Race Series events you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.


A big thank you to our community friends without whom the RealSwim Race Series would not be possible:

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