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Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help and encouragement this summer, and thanks for convincing me to swim the 10k without a wetsuit as well.

Ian, London, Sep 2016

It is easy to be responsive in 1:2:1s but the classes have been great too. Your ability to differentiate in such an inclusive way is, in lesson observation feedback speak, ‘outstanding’. I do a lot observations in my work and believe me it is not a word I use lightly or indeed frequently. I am sure you get lots of positive feedback all of the time but I wanted to commit to writing my appreciation.

Melanie, London, August 2016

I can’t tell you how much this swimming is changing my concept of confidence. I only wish I had had this earlier in life. I guess the fact I’ve decided to face this fear of water even at 52 is a great achievement. Said that, I couldn’t have got to where I was in this short space of time without your expert tuition. For that no money can buy.

Simon, London, August 2016

I can’t thank you and your team enough, without the open water swims and advice you gave me there’s no way I would have braved the open water, I’ve gone from not being able to swim 25 metres in a pool, never swimming in a lake or ocean to 6 months later doing challenge Wanaka! I had the best swim ever coming in in 35mins which I’m so stoked with! I’m in love with swimming now, especially open water and can’t wait for next season with you guys.

Jan, New Zealand, Feb 2016

I am really appreciative of all the time & effort you guys put into this weekend to make it a special experience. Continue your wonderful positivity because you make such a difference to people’s swim memories

Sandy, New Zealand, March 2016

A big thanks for your guidance & Ollie’s & Mel’s this season. I was hoping to complete Saturday’s race in 60mins & managed a 56min.27s, so really happy.

Sue, New Zealand, Feb 2016

Thanks for a great season, all the guys from Fit & Abel have been really helpful with the different aspects they have taught. I am definitely seeing improvement in my swimming, slowly but surely.

Claire, New Zealand, Feb 2016

I loved the weekend, thanks so much. You are a great encourager which makes a difference to a hesitant swimmer like me.

Sue, New Zealand, Jan 2016

Really enjoyed the lesson and feel that this will make a big difference !!

Lee, New Zealand, Jan 2016

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and guidance over the last few months. I completed my half ironman during the bank holiday weekend, and I couldn’t have done it as well without you.

Emily, London, Sep 2015

Daniel – just wanted to let you know that this lesson was super useful, I’ve definitely got faster and it feels good in the water.

Victoria, London, Aug 2015

I had wanted to email you sooner to thank you for your technical advice, in and out of the water (wobbly T1!), to say how much I enjoyed your Rio Talent Squad sessions.

Patricia, London, Aug 2015

Great coaching! I am really appreciating it.

Susan, London, Aug 2015

I want to say thanks for your tutelage this summer. I’ve noticed a really positive improvement in my head when I’m swimming now, and I feel like I’m really starting to get hold of some ideas that are going to help me go a lot more efficiently and faster.

Stu, London, Aug 2015

Another summer is soon ending, which also mean the countdown for my next group session will begging. Next June seems so far away! (well this was what happened for the last few years. Sadly I won’t be living in London anymore by next term) I used to be a runner and kept injuring myself until a feet surgery where I had to rest for few months. This is when I felt no choice to start swimming. Believe me I never liked the idea of doing lane swimming and found that very boring at the start. That was until I found the FitandAbel fitness group session at Tooting Bec Lido. I got hooked from session 1 and have never had so much fun training. This year I join the early bird group for the 6:10am session, people think I am crazy, I do to when I hear my alarm going off but after 2 minutes being in the water it always feels the right choice and the day feels lighter and I have much more energy after. Fun, laugh, friendship, outdoor fresh air, no more injuries since I learn to swim properly, cakes, I love my group training! What am I going to do in Montreal ? I will think about everything I have learn when I will go back to swim in our lakes. Thank you! Will miss you all next year.

Roxanne, London, Aug 2015

Hilarious and brilliant explanations. Thanks!

Lydia, London, Aug 2015

Ace, thanks Dan. Hugely appreciated.I really enjoyed today. Just really good to get a feeling for the thing I’ve been struggling with, which is knowing I’m expending too much energy to do the basics. Really appreciate it.

David, London, Aug 2015

Thank you very much I really enjoyed the lessons.

Claire, London, Aug 2015

Thank you so much for the email and also for the session on Friday. I really enjoyed it and am excited about making the changes to my swimming!

Julie, London, Aug 2015

Thank you very much Dan for a very interesting and helpful lesson

Jenny, London, Aug 2015

You advice was brilliant for the Bosphorous swim. I’d not swum for such a long duration before .

James, London, July 2015

Dan – thanks for this, and the excellent lesson yesterday. Really enjoyed it.

Chris, London, July 2015

Thanks so much Dan. It was a really great session – lots to practice!

James, London, July 2015

Thanks Dan, you were right of course! I CAN breathe on the left.

Jennifer, London, July 2015

Thanks for this, these emails are really useful. I’m finding the lessons – and your positive feedback really helpful. Thanks!

Jo, London, June 2015

Many thanks – this is extremely useful. Swimming after the session felt totally different – the kicking was almost effortless and I felt a very “flat” position in the water.

Andrew, London, June 2015

Thanks also for the hints on how to get the wetsuit off! Great session really enjoyed it thanks.

David, Christchurch, New Zealand, April 2015

Brilliant session and I learnt so much!

Janfrey, Christchurch, New Zealand, April 2015

Another great clinic last night and I LOVE that flume!!!!

Ange, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

I have really really enjoyed the summer open water swimming training with you guys, can’t wait to get into more of it with you next year!

Emma, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

I’d just like to update you on my progress. To be straight forward… I am so elated with the improvement in my freestyle technique!

Sheena, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Thanks for the invite to breakup and thanks also for all the sessions and guidance over summer. It resulted in a good solid swim result for me at Ironman Taupo.

Paul, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Thanks for all the training. I have had a great time doing this and can’t wait till next season…Thanks again to you and all the staff at Fit and Abel

Paul, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

I’d like to thank you again for the swim yesterday. I’ve been swimming with *** and **** a long time and they did tell me you made it fun and relaxing and they were right. You do a great job. I was a bit hesitant about swimming with people other than my usual group as I’m only back 5 months swimming after two shoulder reconstructions due to a bike accident. So I hate holding others up as I’m still pretty slow but I didn’t feel made to rush which was awesome.

Mo, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Thanks to you, Oli and the man in the boat (sorry don’t remember his name) for organizing a great swim on Saturday, everyone is raving about it!

Lucy, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Race was great, swim especially exceeded expectations… Thanks heaps for your advice and training, worked wonders 🙂

Sarah, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

You guys are soo good, thank you soo much for fitting me in! I absolutely love these races and your Thursday night trainings, I’m way more confident and faster than I ever thought I could be. LOVED the swim in challenge wanaka and that was completely because of you guys…thank you!!

Emma, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Thanks heaps for all your great tues night sessions and the 1on1 video session. It has been very beneficial and hopefully I can put all the newly found knowledge to good use.

Sarah, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb 2015

Thanks so much for some great coaching this summer. I have learnt so much and was able to put it into action this weekend.

Hannah, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Just wanted to give you some feedback………FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! Put the two beat kick drill in to practice and straight away reduced my stroke count from 13.5 per length to 10.5 per length and knocked around 2 to 3 seconds off my usual 50m time.

Wayne, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb 2015

Thanks Dan for your guidance & mental prep. Your support has been greatly appreciated.

Sue, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb2015

Just a quick email to thank you and your team for your great teaching this season. I swam the 1km in Akaroa yesterday – my first ever swim event – and absolutely loved it. I felt comfortable in the water, managed to keep straight-ish lines and achieved a respectable time. Next year I’m definitely going for the 2.8km! I really appreciate your supportive, positive and laid-back approach to teaching – particularly your emphasis on swimmers working at their own pace.

Kate, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb2015

Never in a million years did I think last April I would be able to do a swim like Akaroa yesterday. Really enjoyed it.

David, Christchurch New Zealand, Feb 2015

Just a note to thank you for your coaching over the last few months. I did the half ironman yesterday and my swim time was better than the average by a good amount (compare that to being in the bottom 10% in my previous 2 triathlon swims). More important than the time, I felt confident and actually enjoyed it.

Duncan, London, Sep 2014

I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great summer and for being such a fantastic and inspirational teacher. You not only helped me improve my swimming but you made me want to raise my game in my own teaching practice.

Ruth, London, Sep 2014

I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and improved hugely so thanks very much.

Will, London, Sep 2014

Thank you – our journey in your coaching of me has only just begun but please don’t underestimate your impact – it’s inspirational and your style of coaching is immense compared to others! THANK YOU

Glyn, London, Sep 2014

You have helped me hugely and I enjoyed every minute of the lessons. I think you are a brilliant teacher and great fun and I look forward to showing you my amazing progress next year.

Jo, London, Sep 2014

Thank you very much for your excellent tuition

Graham, London, Sep 2014

Thanks for the notes and thanks for a really great session. I learnt such a lot.

Lucy, London, Sep 2014

Many thanks for the information but more importantly thank your coaching skills. I think it is better to know nothing and learn properly from the start and that is what I feel I have been doing.

Tom, London, Sep 2014

Thanks for a great season.

Chris, London, Sep 2014

Thank you! it all feels less ‘unknown’ after my plunge on tuesday with your wisdom thrown in!

Tori, London, Sep 2014

Have really enjoyed my first Summer in the Rio training squad – thanks so much for all your coaching and enthusiasm!

Loz, London, Sep 2014

It has been a fantastic privilege being coached by you! It has also been a lot of fun and there will be something big missing from my life post-Rio this summer.

Charlie, London, Sep 2014

Look what I did today …!! Thank you for helping go from not wanting to put my head in the water last year to this. (First open water swim race completed)

Lara, London, Sep 2014

Dan thanks for getting me there. You took me from being a klutz in the water to being a Channel swimmer!

Thom Van Every, English Channel swim, 5 Sep 2014

Dan’s BELIEF principle and the new skills he has shown us have given us new direction to help these feats achievable ‘ Dan – thank you for watching over us and being part of the Journey ‘

Richard Dines, English Channel swim, 2 Sep 2014

I firstly wanted to say a big thank you for your support during my one-to-one swimming lessons with you as well as the group swimming sessions. I really enjoyed all of it, and am pleased with my progress this summer. Looking forward to continuing next summer!

Alex, London, Sep 2014

With a great many thanks for the lesson this morning – your enthusiasm was fantastic and I had not really expected ever to even attempt to breathe on my right hand side. What you do and have done for me and others is fantastic.

Paddy, London, Aug 2014

Thanks Dan – couldn’t have done it without all your training sessions, motivation, encouragement and support. (Ann completed a 24 hour Isle of Wight relay swim in Aug)

Ann, London, 2014

Thanks so much for the coaching session yesterday and the very comprehensive follow up. I really enjoyed the session and felt like we had started a solid basis for improving my technique, so all positive.

Abbie, London, 2014

Great to meet you too and thank you very much for the lesson. Really enjoyed it and will be back in the Lido soon to practice (with a wetsuit).

Seb, London, 2014

Just a note to say I competed in my first ironman 70.3 yesterday, and beat my target by 55 mins… sets me up well for next season! Thanks for instilling the love of swimming in me, and look fwd to joining you guys for swim fitness in the coming weeks!

Robin, London, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for a really helpful session and for these notes. Will practice and be back in touch once I feel like I need to follow up.

Anna, London, 2014

Thank you for the amazing coaching! My friends all laughed when I said I was getting swimming lessons as I’m always the first one to dive into the sea without a care. Can’t believe the improvement and it’s really got me back hooked on swimming which I loved so much when I was younger.

Hannah, London, Aug 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and gained a HUGE amount of knowledge. You have revived my interest in swimming which was what I really wanted to happen.

Mandy, New Zealand, Aug 2014

Thanks for the lesson. It was really cool to have an expert looking at my swimming technique, thanks for all the corrections and exercises, I will stick with the tips you recommended.

Radek, London, Aug 2014

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all you did to make yesterday possible for me. Your clear teaching and very specific drills helped me get my swimming to a standard that made me capable of a longer distance. But also your friendly encouragement gave me the confidence to do this event, something I’d have been doubtful about otherwise . It feels so good to have achieved this; especially considering at the start of last summer I could barely manage a length of Tooting Lido doing front crawl without coughing and spluttering.

Linus, London, Aug 2014

Thanks so much for your help. I have exhausted myself reprogramming – brilliant. I was aware that we got amazing value for money.

Tonie, London, Aug 2014

I couldn’t have done it without your support. Your pod leadership skills were awesome.Huge thanks! I was all over the place at the 10k mark, you spotted it & got me back on track.So chuffed to have completed Henley Bridge to Bridge (14km) in skins no less.

Kathrine, London, Aug 2014

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say a huge thank you for your advice and guidance a few weeks ago.I finished the London triathlon yesterday in a time of *:**, which was twenty minutes under my target.

Mark, London, Aug 2014

Thank you soooo much for the amazing feedback and training Dan.

Monique, London, July 2014

This is really helpful! And I feel much more confident after this morning’s session. I’m feeling as if the pieces in the puzzle are finally fitting together. Going to watch the videos in a mo and book next week’s session. You’ve been a total star Dan!

Tobias, London, July 2014

Thanks for the session today and the notes. Very helpful and gives me plenty to work on. I shall enjoy watching the videos of my swimming(!)

Julian, London, July 2014

Hi Dan,Thanks for the tips and coaching with Rio squad over the last few weeks. I had hoped to catch up and say thanks in person but didn’t make it back to Lido after the last session. You have a great enthusiasm in your work and I really enjoyed the squad training. I’ve been to a lot of different clubs/sessions because I move around a bit and yours was the best ( and friendliest!) by far, so far. Thanks again.

Chris, London, July 2014

I’ve got a few more practices in so going well, thanks for everything it’s already made such a massive difference to my swimming. I couldn’t even swim 2 lengths of front crawl in a row without getting out of breathe before I started and now I feel like I could go on forever. It feels like a life-long change already. You can use that on your website!

Steve, London, July 2014

Thanks again for the session this morning – both thoroughly enjoyable and really useful.

Olly, London, July 2014

Thank you so much for today’s lesson and this summary which is really helpful. I will practice this this week!

Christa, London, July 2014

Thanks for a great session tonight. It was good to get rid of the frustrations of the day. The hour whizzed by.

Brian, London, July 2014

Thanks so much – The lesson, email, videos and links are so helpful

Sangeeta, London, July 2014

I have found the sessions so helpful and I really appreciate your patience!

Michelle, London, June 2014

Great session this morning thank you. Really felt we covered a lot, but not too much. I’m looking forward to getting back on track with what we worked on.

Daniel, London, June 2014

Thanks so much for this morning. I loved it and gained lots of new skills.

Sarah, London, June 2014

Thanks so much for this – really helpful and we both enjoyed the session.

Rosa, London, June 2014

A huge thank you from all of us for Saturday morning, we had such a great time and really learned a lot.

Alana, London, June 2014

I can’t thank you enough as usual – your help inspires me and I am certainly feeling the benefits from your coaching – it brings confidence and confidence brings BELIEF

Richard, London, June 2014

That has to be the most impressive coaching lesson I’ve ever had. Not only did you listen to me and take notes, but you immediately addressed them. Moreover you took the time to send me the notes (in detail) and video footage of me swimming (see what you mean about them arms!). I can’t thank you enough.

Mark, London, June 2014

Excellent session yesterday, thank you.

Carl, London, June 2014

Thanks a lot for sending this through, had a great lesson and am excited to start putting what I’ve learnt into practice.

Harry, London, June 2014

Just a quick email to say thanks for this morning’s training session. I really enjoyed and it went really quickly, normally a good sign 🙂

Mark, London, June 2014

Thanks Dan. I had heaps of fun and learnt a lot! Now to put it into practice.

Sally, New Zealand, April 2014

I feel so comfortable out in the water now and so energized after my outdoor swims! You have taught me so much and I am really grateful. The thought of swimming in the outdoor made me very nervous and unsure but I can honestly say I feel so much more confident about this now.

Melissa, New Zealand, March 2014

Thanks so much Dan I really appreciate all that you do, you have an awesome coaching style

Steve, New Zealand, March 2014

I just wanted to say thanks again for hosting me this weekend in Akaroa. Was fantastic 🙂

Mel Gorman, Australia, World Open Water Champ 2009, Australian Open H2O Swimmer of the year 2009 – 2012.

Just wanted to say thanks again for all you advice/training tips and giving me heaps of confidence in the water. And the main thing is I really enjoyed the experience too, I never would have thought I’d enjoy swimming so much!

Leon, New Zealand, Feb 2014

Just wanted to say how much I’ve got out of the past two sessions I’ve come along to – if only I’d discovered these earlier in the season! Great fun, supportive atmosphere and good training: all the boxes ticked!

Lisa, New Zealand, Feb 2014

Many thanks again Dan for all your support for the swim and for the first time in my life allowing me to achieve something I genuinely didn’t think it possible to achieve!

John, UK, Feb 2014

Brilliant session Dan. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

Andy, New Zealand, Feb 2014

Thanks for all your help so far this summer, I have really been enjoying the Tuesday night sessions, they are well worth the drive from Ashburton. Although the pool sessions are a key part to my training they had become quite boring. Knowing now how exciting and variable the open water is has lifted my enthusiasm significantly and I can only regret not discovering open water swimming years ago.

Adam, New Zealand, Dec 2013

Thanks for the swim today Dan, a game changer for me after years of fear. I love your encouragement, coaching and support. Wow.

Sue, New Zealand, Dec 2013

Thanks for the swim yesterday at Wanaka … loved it !

Lucy, New Zealand, Dec 3013

Thanks for a great swim last night.

Laura, New Zealand, Dec 2013

Awesome session today! Thank you so much – learnt more today than I have all year!

Julia, New Zealand, Dec 2013

Just a quick email to thank you for todays session, I got so much from it, its the best I’ve felt in myself in the water to date, roll on the next 6 weeks, it can only keep getting better.

Seonaigh, New Zealand, Dec 2013

Without your amazing help and the belief you instilled in us, there is no way on earth we would have been able to achieve this goal. We are both eternally grateful for all you did to get us there.

John, London, Robben Island Swim Oct 2013

Thanks for your advice and coaching- it has made a massive difference to my swimming.

Mark, London, Oct 2013

The sessions with you were really cool, much fun this summer and hey, I can actually swim! ;-)Thank you for the great sessions, it was always so much fun with you, no thunderstorm or cold water could dampen my spirits. I really appreciated your smiling face at those early morning hours 🙂

Anita, London, Sep 2013

Thanks so much Dan for your help this Summer. I get a real buzz from it all.

Paul, London, Sep 2013

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself at your classes and found it to be such a fun, positive and rewarding experience.I’m really loving the sport now.

Martyn, London, Sep 2013

Thank you so very much for your email and of course being prepared to help me and point me in the right direction with some very useful advice .I truly appreciate you giving me more time this morning – thank you .I enjoyed the both listening and swimming , it’s given me renewed belief .

Richard, London, Sep 2013

Thanks so much for this. It was great be introduced to the wonder that is the Tooting Bec Lido. Your swimming lesson was a revelation & I will try to put it into practice when the pool is ready. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t met you it simply would not have occurred to me that I should go out & re-learn something that I’ve been doing almost as long as walking.

Jonathan, London, Sep 2013

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the sessions especially as they went slightly over the booked time period. I know each of us found it very helpful and we will be trying out the drills in the near future. I would definitely recommend the sessions to anyone just looking to get back to a good swimming style as it is always really useful.

Katherine, London, Sep 2013

Thank you so much for your lessons I really enjoyed them, I have never had a one to one lesson and it makes such a difference!You are almost as good as all your feedback says!!

Sally, London, Sep 2013

Many thanks for all the coaching over the summer, found it really enjoyable and really feel confident in my stroke.

Richard, London, Sep 2013

I did my longest swim yesterday (Windermere 10.5 miles) with suit, your teaching and advice was priceless.

Grantley, London, Sep 2013

I never imagined I would ever be doing (and, more to the point, enjoying) front crawl – so thank you! The lessons were brilliant.

Clare, London, Aug 2013

Really enjoyed today – it was fun ! And a HUGE thank you again. I can’t believe how much you taught me over these 2 months.

Shehkar, London, Aug 2013

Thank you so much . I loved our session. You are a good teacher, a really good teacher and I like that.

Mary, London, Aug 2013

I’ve very much enjoyed my swimming this year, and do feel I’ve improved – so am v grateful for your enthusiasm and words of wisdom.

Daniel, London, Aug 2013

London tri went really well. Really enjoyed the swim and your coaching really helped.

Oli, London, Aug 2013

Just to say thanks for all your advice in the lessons and for the fitness session this morning. It was fun – as usual!

Alison, London, July 2013

Thanks, I look forward to using the drills. Like last time a very professional and useful lesson.

Malcolm, London, July 2013

I love your instruction, somehow it makes sense and getting through to me is mission impossible.

Jacks, London, July 2013

Just wanted to let you know that we made it across the Channel yesterday in a time of 12 hr 28. Your training session prepared us well and was definitely a huge help in the lead-up and on the day itself so thank you again.

Rebecca, London, July 2013

It was a pleasure to meet you, I found the session of great value, your feedback and instruction all make perfect sense.

Grantley, London, July 2013

Amazing! Loved it, could have swum back again. Flat lake sunshine and mountains. It turned out to be 1.5 miles but got across fine without stopping once 🙂 thank you so much for the great lesson.

Jess, London, July 2013

Thanks Dan, Really enjoyed the swim - Tooting Bec certainly beats my local 25m pool and always more fun to do something in a group.

Hannah, Belgium, July 2013

Dan, can’t thank you enough for sorting my swimming! Feel way more confident now.

Alex, London, July 2013

It was good to meet you too and thanks again for the lesson. I’ve come away from it knowing far much more than I did and found your tuition incredibly helpful.I’m delighted with the results of the lessons so far and have much more confidence leading up to my sea swim.

Oli, London, June 2013

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session on Friday, it was thoroughly informative and useful.

Richard, London, June 2013

Thanks for both your email with your top tips and your patience with me poolside.Its great having you with your energy and enthusiasm down the Lido

David, London, June 2013

Thanks very much Dan. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and it was really useful for me. The follow up is very helpful too. Thanks a lot.

Andy, London, June 2013

I got so much from the session, much more than I had hoped. It was exactly what I needed to give focus to my swim sessions. It was great to be back in the water today with plenty to think about. Far better than just ploughing up and down the pool… I’ll certainly be recommending you to anyone else that needs to swim coach.

Alison, France, June 2013

Thanks for today, once again a great lesson and all explained/demonstrated in an easy way for me to understand.

Leon, New Zealand, May 2013

Great to get this feedback and to feel like the drills you have given me are achievable and I understand the reasons behind them. I look forward to getting in the pool and reaping the benefits over the coming weeks!

Rick, New Zealand, March 2013

I first met Dan while visiting New Zealand for the State La Grande Ocean Race. He and his lovely family were kind enough to share their home with both myself and Josh Richardson. Right from the moment I walked out of the airport Dan was more than accommodating towards making sure we had the best preparation for the race – a true testament to Dan’s professionalism and dedication towards his greatest passion – swimming. In doing this, Dan showed us some truly amazing training locations both in a still water lake and in the open ocean – two great opportunities to practice swimming in all facets of open water conditions.On top of this I was able to train in his brand new indoor pool facility equipped with a flume – perfect for mastering stroke in a controlled environment with the added extra of being able to record, play back and make adjustments to stroke technique in real time with Dan being able to offer improvements at any moment instead of having to wait for the swimmer to complete the lap. All of this coupled with Dan’s incredibly personable nature and decades of swimming expertise makes Fit&Abel a perfect tool to take any swimmer of any level to that next level. Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality. I feel richer as a person and in my swimming ability for knowing you!

Elite Australian Open Water swimmer Michael Sheil, Feb 2013

Thanks to Dan Abel from fitandabel.com for looking after myself and Michael Sheil over the weekend at the State La Grande Ocean Swim. Dan took us to a number of his awesome open water training locations and new training facility designed for stroke correction. FitandAbel is fantastic for swimmers of any level as Dan’s passion and commitment is second to none. Thanks again for the hospitality and for sharing some of your open water swimming spots with us.

Elite Australian Open Water swimmer Josh Richardson, Feb 2013

Your sessions are the highlight of my week I always come out smiling. Thank you for everything I have learned with you, you have been an outstanding teacher.

Sylvia, London, Sep 2012

Thanks for the update and all the lessons, you’ve made what I imagined to be a very daunting experience, extremely enjoyable and I am now finding myself wanting to swim regardless of the weather!

Dean, London, Sep 2012

Many thanks for your coaching this summer- it has totally transformed my swimming and increased my enjoyment hugely.

Mark, London, Sep 2012

1hr 4mins! That’s ONE HOUR AND JUST THE FOUR MINUTES DAN! How about that! …When I first came to Dan it was about 25 years since my last swimming lesson – and it showed. After only 4 lessons and some group swim fitness sessions I was able to complete a 3.8km ironman swim in 64 minutes, something I could never have achieved without Dan’s help. Most importantly, Dan inspires confidence and he also makes the sessions enjoyable, with his relentlessly positive attitude and distinctive sense of humour.

Ed, London, Sep 2012 (An exceptional first IM swim Ed, well done. Dan)

You may be pleased to hear I swam last night at the lido; managed (for the first time) to do 1.5km fully front crawl. Did it in 29mins, which seems OK, though now looking to push this time down. Was absolutely delighted to do this, and really did make me realise how far I’ve come in a few months – none of which would have been possible without your help and guidance – so THANKS!

Robin, London, Sep 2012

For a girl who couldn’t even swim 20m of crawl at Easter – to a first 100m length of the Tooting Lido late July – to a 1.5km open sea swim mid Sept. I would never have imagined this possible for myself. My lessons and the support from Dan in between were invaluable and enormously motivating and confidence boosting.

Liz, London, Sep 2012

Great session. Really enjoyed it as usual, its amazing that after all the lessons ive not had one wasted minute. Always new and interesting stuff to work on and i always come away thinking over something new that’s been added.

Mark, London, Sep 2012

Thanks it’s been a brilliant experience for me getting out into open water, enjoying it and developing skills for that environment. Your advice and moral support together with your optimistic can do attitude is most infectious and certainly bolstered my own confidence in taking on the swims this summer. I have learnt a lot from you, it’s great that you practise what you preach and your style and approach is certainly very effective.

James, UK, Sep 2012 (In May 2012 James was a 2km pool swimmer, this September he completed his first 10km open water sea swim. Congratulations James)

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session on Friday, it was thoroughly informative and useful. Trying to put into practice what we worked on this morning in the pool, without really trying I knocked 4 1/2 minutes off my previous quickest 1km time, down to 24 minutes, so something has clearly worked, and I still felt fresh afterwards. This has given me a huge amount of confidence for my upcoming 70.3

Richard, London

I was at the pool today, but you were super busy giving lessons back to back so did not want to interrupt you. I got my niece to time me for one length. the last time she did so, pre-lessons with you, she timed me at 2.07. and I was seriously out of puff. This time I clocked 1.48 and not out of puff at all. yeay!

Susannah, London

I recommended you to another swimmer at the Lido yesterday who was kind enough to praise my stroke!!

Kate, London

I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, I’ve definitely felt the benefit!

Pete, London

Thanks Dan for my lesson last week. It was incredibly helpful and encouraging

Antje, London

Love love love the sessions

Nicola, London

Hi Dan, Thanks for a great lesson. Really buzzing. Looking forward to putting this all into practice.

Rory, London

Hi Dan, thanks for the email and another great session. As usual it was brilliant.

Mark, London

I’ve done it! The swimming part would not be possible without your coaching!I was overtaking other swimmers! You’ve got a fantastic ability make people believe they can do things which they thought they were not impossible before, it was only 426m but for me it was amazing transformation cos this Triathlon made me swim!

Laura, London

Just a quick one to say a big thanks, you have a really good way of teaching and my swimming feels so much better, I don’t want to get out any more…. I swam two hours the other day!!

Lorna, Ireland

Thanks again for the awesome swimming lessons over the weekend, can’t wait to get in the pool tomorrow and get practicing!!

Debbie, New Zealand

I hopped in the pool this morning and could not believe the difference I felt in the water. I did my normal session and felt as though I had hardly expended any energy with the few changes I focused on (head down, high elbow, entry in line with shoulder and catch and pull). The weekend was brilliant, it was just the right amount of swimming and talking. The filming was a great way to see where lie my strengths and weaknesses in my stroke and body position. I love swimming but feel as though I had hit a bit of a wall with my plodding up and down, I have a new excitement for the water and am now looking forward to doing my first sea swim event. Your ability to coach and inspire is second to none, thank you so much for a great few days!

Rachel, Christchurch NZ

Having thought I was a capable swimmer you’ve made me realise there are many great ways I can improve my technique. You were clear and instructive and although you relayed a lot of information you’ve made it easy to remember. I’m already reaping the benefits from the drills you’ve given me in only a couple of swims. Thanks for the lesson and the email support!

Henry Teare, London

Dan clearly has exceptional leadership qualities and these are complemented by his extensive top level competitive swimming experience in the pool and in open water. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a swimming coach for open water swimmers of all abilities and aspirations.

Neil Woodford, Head of Investments, Invesco Perpetual, UK

How else can you figure I went from last to first? It’s all because of you, Dan! You are the best coach ever!

Laura, U.S.A

In the session we covered the three parts of the stroke; recovery, entry and pull. This was made much easier through a detailed demonstration and critique session on land rather than just jumping in the pool. Immediately Dan was able to quickly identify some fairly major imperfections in my stroke. It was useful to have someone explain why these particular imperfections would slow you down and make you less efficient. By using analogies Dan helped me to build up a picture of the perfect stroke that was more memorable. Before getting in the pool Dan explained the drills that we would be doing in the water and the reasons for them. Before I got in the water Dan jumped in and provided a demo of how to do the drills we had just described. This was particularly useful and it was really helpful to actually see them in action rather than just visualising them in my head. Dan also got me in the water to look at his stroke both above and under water which again was useful in understanding the full stroke and body roll etc. Once I started doing the drills Dan remained in the water and swam with me in order to give me as much feedback as possible. Even over the course of a few lengths with feedback at each end, the differences and benefits of a more efficient stroke were becoming clear. Towards the end of the session Dan ran through the future drills that I should be doing to further refine my technique. Throughout the session Dan’s enthusiasm for swimming was ever clear. His willingness to get in the pool made the lesson infinitely more useful than previous tutorials I’ve had. I’ll certainly be trying to get another hour in the pool with Dan in a month or so he can check progress and hopefully get me swimming even faster.

Richard Nicholls, London

I have known Dan for over 20 years and he is one of the most focused and positive people I know. His love of life, the outdoors and being fit is quite contagious. He knows how to have fun and when to be serious – your life will be richer knowing Dan Abel.

Murray Burdan, New Zealand Olympic Swimming Representative 1996

Dan Abel is definitely one of a kind! I’ve been associated with Dan since the early stages of my swimming career and I can quite honestly say Dan’s positive attitude and outlook on life makes this genuine Kiwi so incredibly infectious. Dan instantly brightens up your day, his energy is unlimited and in the 20 something years I’ve known him, not once has it faltered. What I have always admired in Dan is his approach to life, he sees any challenge as a task to master, no goal is unachievable and if you want something enough you just have to believe it. In my 13 years of International competition Dan was a knowledge bank full of motivating stories and lessons learnt during his own career, he always managed to make me see my goals more clearly so I would be the one walking away having caught that infectious outlook. From my experience absolutely anything is possible with Dan Abel by your side.

Helen Norfolk,
New Zealand Olympic Swimming Representative 2000, 2004, 2008

Last year I achieved a long term goal of mine which was to swim the English Channel in a relay. This would not have been possible without the support and training from Dan. Before I met Dan I thought I was a fairly decent swimmer, but always new I could achieve more. I had watched a number of technique videos and attended numerous swim training sessions but still could not progress further. With Dan I learnt how to improve my stroke, but most importantly how to enjoy swimming. Being relaxed in the water and even having fun meant that all my energy started to go towards swimming rather than thinking about swimming. If you are serious about improving your swimming then I would highly recommend training with Dan.

Guy Meadows, (London)

Daniel is a complete fitness professional with a very strong grounding within the industry. Dan is an amazing motivator and a personal trainer with a personality! I’ve known Dan since he was a member of the New Zealand Swimming Team where he was known for his team spirit and competitiveness; this is now passed onto his personal training clients. I would happily recommend Dan as a brilliant individual to work with.

John Davis, Commonwealth Games swimming Bronze Medallist 1998

I have known Daniel Abel for over 20 years. We trained for the same swim team and competed for New Zealand together and have remained friends ever since. He is one of the most disciplined individual’s I’ve met and commits himself 100% to any job in hand. In the competitive swimming domain Dan set himself very high goals and then backed himself to achieve them. What I love about Dan is his ability to push himself and others to succeed while retaining a fantastic sense of humour throughout the task. I remember our gruelling training sessions in the pool where Dan would consistently motivate others, make us laugh, lead by example and inspire everyone to strive higher. Throughout the years, Dan has applied his excellent work ethic to succeed in many different arena’s. I particularly admire Dan’s well balanced approach to life. I know beyond a doubt that Dan will continue to be incredibly successful in helping people achieve their goals. All done with a smile of course!

Anna Forrest (Nee Simcic). Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist 1990, Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist 1994, former World Record holder, New Zealand Olympic Swimming finalist 1992, 1996, World Championship finalist 1991, 1993,

The lesson was very helpful to get me concentrating on my stroke more and having someone tell me my weaknesses. Really enjoyed it thanks.

Rob, London

Thanks for the lesson. It was great and your teaching method is brilliant and certainly made me feel relaxed as I was a bit nervous!! The wonder woman drill and kick summary is great. I'm off to the pool tomorrow to practice then in the sea on Sunday.

Kerry - NZ Feb 2017

Wow, there is so much valuable information here- I can’t thank you enough!! I’m excited to learn and can’t wait to practice again tomorrow! Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your knowledge with me- I’m starting to think there’s hope!

Wow – after six swimming lessons with Dan spread over five months, I have moved from an occasional swimmer who wouldn’t put her head under the water to a confident freestyle swimmer whose aim is to constantly increase the number of lengths with each swim. Friends comment they can see I’ve been ‘properly taught’!! As a mature adult student, Dan has given me confidence and a belief in myself that anything is possible. I’m over the moon at what I have achieved with his expert coaching – I’ve found a love of swimming I never ever thought possible.

Thank you very much Dan – it was such a helpful session I am inspired to swim. I swam this morning at Condon pool and it was so much easier, I enjoyed it – swam for longer and was not out of breath at any stage – amazing!

Just over 2 years ago I struggled to complete the 500m race at Corsair bay. I read about the Quail island swims and the 4 km swim seemed like a far off dream while the 8km was just not even worth dreaming about. No if done it (if only just) . Thanks for all your help and encouragement along the way, and for your support for that last km on Saturday. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of your team as well, they made it a day I will never forget.

Just wanted to say thanks for your support and coaching over the past season. It is always good fun. I was really happy with my swim at the Motatapu Xterra and I am keeping the training going in the pool.

I found the lesson really helpful and I enjoyed it too!

Mark, London, June 2017

Thanks for making swimming fun, I missed that stage as a kid and upto now I've just associated it with an endless grind of drills, technique, times and distances. So much to worry about in the water! Having had a lower back injury for the past week it has pushed me into swimming daily, I can really see it makes a difference it has also eased my back pain too.