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184 Main Collins Street | West victoria 8007

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Thanks Dan. I appreciated your support and assistance today. I am feeling much more confident knowing I am on the right path with you.

Shona, Christchurch 2023

Thank you all so much for all your amazing knowledge , organisational skills and giving us confidence to get out there and do what we all love. I was nervous about going on the course as didn't know if I had the ability as new to swimming last year and worried I would be lagging. Now thanks to you all and your coaching, enthusiasm, patience, good humour and positivity I can't wait to tackle another venture.

Vicky,Christchurch 2023

Thanks Dan 😊 I always feel mentally great after my lessons. Enjoy your week.

Natalia, Christchurch 2022

Just wanted to say thank you for the 2 sessions in the lake so far! I appreciate the effort and well organised event! Keep it up and keep doing what you are doing 🙂 Well structured, and liking the whole process from booking in, email reminders and txts etc. Thankyou Dan for the extra support and encouragement! I’m feeling more confident after todays swim than last week.

Michael, Christchurch, Nov 2022

Just over 2 years ago I struggled to complete the 500m race at Corsair bay. I read about the Quail island swims and the 4 km swim seemed like a far off dream while the 8km was just not even worth dreaming about. No if done it (if only just) . Thanks for all your help and encouragement along the way, and for your support for that last km on Saturday. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of your team as well, they made it a day I will never forget.

Brian - New Zealand - March 2017

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help and encouragement this summer, and thanks for convincing me to swim the 10k without a wetsuit as well.

Ian, London, Sep 2016

It is easy to be responsive in 1:2:1s but the classes have been great too. Your ability to differentiate in such an inclusive way is, in lesson observation feedback speak, ‘outstanding’. I do a lot observations in my work and believe me it is not a word I use lightly or indeed frequently. I am sure you get lots of positive feedback all of the time but I wanted to commit to writing my appreciation.

Melanie, London, August 2016

I can’t tell you how much this swimming is changing my concept of confidence. I only wish I had had this earlier in life. I guess the fact I’ve decided to face this fear of water even at 52 is a great achievement. Said that, I couldn’t have got to where I was in this short space of time without your expert tuition. For that no money can buy.

Simon, London, August 2016

I can’t thank you and your team enough, without the open water swims and advice you gave me there’s no way I would have braved the open water, I’ve gone from not being able to swim 25 metres in a pool, never swimming in a lake or ocean to 6 months later doing challenge Wanaka! I had the best swim ever coming in in 35mins which I’m so stoked with! I’m in love with swimming now, especially open water and can’t wait for next season with you guys.

Jan, New Zealand, Feb 2016

I am really appreciative of all the time & effort you guys put into this weekend to make it a special experience. Continue your wonderful positivity because you make such a difference to people’s swim memories

Sandy, New Zealand, March 2016

A big thanks for your guidance & Ollie’s & Mel’s this season. I was hoping to complete Saturday’s race in 60mins & managed a 56min.27s, so really happy.

Sue, New Zealand, Feb 2016

Thanks for a great season, all the guys from Fit & Abel have been really helpful with the different aspects they have taught. I am definitely seeing improvement in my swimming, slowly but surely.

Claire, New Zealand, Feb 2016

I loved the weekend, thanks so much. You are a great encourager which makes a difference to a hesitant swimmer like me.

Sue, New Zealand, Jan 2016

Really enjoyed the lesson and feel that this will make a big difference !!

Lee, New Zealand, Jan 2016

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and guidance over the last few months. I completed my half ironman during the bank holiday weekend, and I couldn’t have done it as well without you.

Emily, London, Sep 2015

Daniel – just wanted to let you know that this lesson was super useful, I’ve definitely got faster and it feels good in the water.

Victoria, London, Aug 2015

I had wanted to email you sooner to thank you for your technical advice, in and out of the water (wobbly T1!), to say how much I enjoyed your Rio Talent Squad sessions.

Patricia, London, Aug 2015

Great coaching! I am really appreciating it.

Susan, London, Aug 2015

I want to say thanks for your tutelage this summer. I’ve noticed a really positive improvement in my head when I’m swimming now, and I feel like I’m really starting to get hold of some ideas that are going to help me go a lot more efficiently and faster.

Stu, London, Aug 2015

Another summer is soon ending, which also mean the countdown for my next group session will begging. Next June seems so far away! (well this was what happened for the last few years. Sadly I won’t be living in London anymore by next term) I used to be a runner and kept injuring myself until a feet surgery where I had to rest for few months. This is when I felt no choice to start swimming. Believe me I never liked the idea of doing lane swimming and found that very boring at the start. That was until I found the FitandAbel fitness group session at Tooting Bec Lido. I got hooked from session 1 and have never had so much fun training. This year I join the early bird group for the 6:10am session, people think I am crazy, I do to when I hear my alarm going off but after 2 minutes being in the water it always feels the right choice and the day feels lighter and I have much more energy after. Fun, laugh, friendship, outdoor fresh air, no more injuries since I learn to swim properly, cakes, I love my group training! What am I going to do in Montreal ? I will think about everything I have learn when I will go back to swim in our lakes. Thank you! Will miss you all next year.

Roxanne, London, Aug 2015

Hilarious and brilliant explanations. Thanks!

Lydia, London, Aug 2015

Ace, thanks Dan. Hugely appreciated.I really enjoyed today. Just really good to get a feeling for the thing I’ve been struggling with, which is knowing I’m expending too much energy to do the basics. Really appreciate it.

David, London, Aug 2015

Thank you very much I really enjoyed the lessons.

Claire, London, Aug 2015

Thank you so much for the email and also for the session on Friday. I really enjoyed it and am excited about making the changes to my swimming!

Julie, London, Aug 2015

Thank you very much Dan for a very interesting and helpful lesson

Jenny, London, Aug 2015

You advice was brilliant for the Bosphorous swim. I’d not swum for such a long duration before .

James, London, July 2015

Dan – thanks for this, and the excellent lesson yesterday. Really enjoyed it.

Chris, London, July 2015

Thanks so much Dan. It was a really great session – lots to practice!

James, London, July 2015

Thanks Dan, you were right of course! I CAN breathe on the left.

Jennifer, London, July 2015

Thanks for this, these emails are really useful. I’m finding the lessons – and your positive feedback really helpful. Thanks!

Jo, London, June 2015

Many thanks – this is extremely useful. Swimming after the session felt totally different – the kicking was almost effortless and I felt a very “flat” position in the water.

Andrew, London, June 2015

Thanks also for the hints on how to get the wetsuit off! Great session really enjoyed it thanks.

David, Christchurch, New Zealand, April 2015

Brilliant session and I learnt so much!

Janfrey, Christchurch, New Zealand, April 2015

Another great clinic last night and I LOVE that flume!!!!

Ange, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

I have really really enjoyed the summer open water swimming training with you guys, can’t wait to get into more of it with you next year!

Emma, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

I’d just like to update you on my progress. To be straight forward… I am so elated with the improvement in my freestyle technique!

Sheena, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Thanks for the invite to breakup and thanks also for all the sessions and guidance over summer. It resulted in a good solid swim result for me at Ironman Taupo.

Paul, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Thanks for all the training. I have had a great time doing this and can’t wait till next season…Thanks again to you and all the staff at Fit and Abel

Paul, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

I’d like to thank you again for the swim yesterday. I’ve been swimming with *** and **** a long time and they did tell me you made it fun and relaxing and they were right. You do a great job. I was a bit hesitant about swimming with people other than my usual group as I’m only back 5 months swimming after two shoulder reconstructions due to a bike accident. So I hate holding others up as I’m still pretty slow but I didn’t feel made to rush which was awesome.

Mo, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Thanks to you, Oli and the man in the boat (sorry don’t remember his name) for organizing a great swim on Saturday, everyone is raving about it!

Lucy, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Race was great, swim especially exceeded expectations… Thanks heaps for your advice and training, worked wonders 🙂

Sarah, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

You guys are soo good, thank you soo much for fitting me in! I absolutely love these races and your Thursday night trainings, I’m way more confident and faster than I ever thought I could be. LOVED the swim in challenge wanaka and that was completely because of you guys…thank you!!

Emma, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Thanks heaps for all your great tues night sessions and the 1on1 video session. It has been very beneficial and hopefully I can put all the newly found knowledge to good use.

Sarah, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb 2015

Thanks so much for some great coaching this summer. I have learnt so much and was able to put it into action this weekend.

Hannah, Christchurch, New Zealand, March 2015

Just wanted to give you some feedback………FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! Put the two beat kick drill in to practice and straight away reduced my stroke count from 13.5 per length to 10.5 per length and knocked around 2 to 3 seconds off my usual 50m time.

Wayne, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb 2015

Thanks Dan for your guidance & mental prep. Your support has been greatly appreciated.

Sue, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb2015

Just a quick email to thank you and your team for your great teaching this season. I swam the 1km in Akaroa yesterday – my first ever swim event – and absolutely loved it. I felt comfortable in the water, managed to keep straight-ish lines and achieved a respectable time. Next year I’m definitely going for the 2.8km! I really appreciate your supportive, positive and laid-back approach to teaching – particularly your emphasis on swimmers working at their own pace.

Kate, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb2015

Never in a million years did I think last April I would be able to do a swim like Akaroa yesterday. Really enjoyed it.

David, Christchurch New Zealand, Feb 2015

Just a note to thank you for your coaching over the last few months. I did the half ironman yesterday and my swim time was better than the average by a good amount (compare that to being in the bottom 10% in my previous 2 triathlon swims). More important than the time, I felt confident and actually enjoyed it.

Duncan, London, Sep 2014

I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great summer and for being such a fantastic and inspirational teacher. You not only helped me improve my swimming but you made me want to raise my game in my own teaching practice.

Ruth, London, Sep 2014