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Summer 2023/2024

Summer 2023/2024

As adult learn to swim and open water swim specialists, we are passionate about providing you safe, fun and rewarding places to swim and events to enjoy to support your swimming journey.

Our primary goal is to offer a range of swimming opportunities to support those learning to swim, right through to those competing in an Ironman or completing a marathon swim. We know the benefits of swimming are so much more than just the ‘doing’ and we pride ourselves on creating a fun, welcoming, friendly and inclusive community from which every individual can gain support, knowledge and encouragement.

To enable us to provide the swimming opportunities we offer, we have invested in and secured access to the following venues;

  • The RealSwim Centre, Kaiapoi: our private state-of-the-art indoor 12m heated swimming pool is perfect for 1-2-1 lessons and small group clinics.
  • Waltham Pool: this outdoor, heated 33m pool really is a jewel in the crown of swimming pools available in Christchurch and we are very pleased on behalf of the Outdoor Swimming Club to be opening its doors Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings, from 6am.
  • Lake Tahi: a superb lake environment for open water swimming activities here in Christchurch.
  • Sparks Lake: a stunning private lake in rural North Canterbury.
  • Lake Brunner Yacht Club: an excellent West Coast base for our weekend swim camps.

As you navigate down this page you will find;

  • An overview of Waltham Pool swim activities
  • 2-2.5km swim training sessions
  • 3km and 5km swim training programs
  • Pay as you Go pricing options
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Waltham Pool Swim Activities

Starting Monday 30 October 2023, FitandAbel will again open Waltham Pool on behalf of The Outdoor Swimmers Club to provide early morning access to this absolute gem of an outdoor pool in the heart of Christchurch, and offer the following;

Lane Swimming – we welcome adult swimmers to indulge in this lovely outdoor environment for morning swimming before work. There are multiple lanes available for you to enjoy for your choice of swim…be it training or social.

1:1 Lessons – from learn to swim through to open water events and adventures, we can support your swim learning and development.  A 1:1 lesson will help you learn more about your swim through personalized coaching and a tailored lesson to meet your swim requirements. We welcome all levels.

Coached Group Sessions – a general overview of what you can expect in the sessions;

Monday = FitandAbel swim fitness: this session is designed to kick start the week with a focus on building your swim fitness, incorporating pace changes, distance building and getting feedback from our expert coaches.

Tuesday = Our Tuesday morning sessions “drill” down into the details. Every session will have a blend of fitness, kick development & skills that will help you build awareness in your swimming and help you progress to the next level.

Friday = Fitness & technique: Friday morning groups are full of expert coaching and fitness building, topped off with some banter and fun to kick off your weekend.

Minimum level to attend these groups is 1000m continuous in the pool – this is to ensure you feel comfortable whilst in the group environment & can work on the skills being taught whilst enjoying the session. If you are not yet at this level we recommend having a private lesson with Coach Dan or Coach Chloe – we can help you build to this level.

Online/Remote coaching

At FitandAbel we believe the best way to learn more and develop your swimming is in person with a private 1-1 lesson. We do find however; swimmers often struggle with their day-to-day swim planning outside of these lessons. To help fill this gap and provide additional support, we’ve created different remote coaching options for different levels of support.

Option One: Personalised remote coaching

Work directly with a coach to provide you sessions written specifically for you as an individual, based on your ability, your goals and your current fitness level to help you reach your swimming goals. A framework will be created by the coach, taking on board your feedback and your swim times, for the progression of your swimming.

To get started, you will need to book a 40minute 121 with Coach Chloe, in person or via zoom, for an initial consult ($85). She will then create a plan with you, working backwards from your event date and will apply that to your own online program document.

Cost: $140 per month, up to 4 written sessions a week.
For additional coached support throughout the plan further 121 consults or 121 lessons can be booked.

Please email Chloe: swimcoach@fitandabel.com if you’d like to start your personalised coaching journey.

Option Two: 2km – 2.5km written sessions

This option provides a selection of 45 written sessions ranging between distances of 2km – 2.5km offering you inspiration & structure for your swims. Each session is standalone, so you can choose the best session for you each swim, based on what you want to achieve that day.

This package contains 10x Pace Sessions, 10x Endurance Sessions, 10x Technique Sessions, 10x Open Water Skill Specific Sessions, and 5x Test Sessions.

Cost: $105 for all 45 sessions

Please email Chloe: swimcoach@fitandabel.com if you’d like to purchase the 2km-2.5km package, and/or if you’d like to be informed about further packaged programs (e.g: 3km, 4km or 5km programs).

Option Three: 3km & 5km programs

These plans are designed to guide you through a framework, helping you progress to your goal distance. Each plan has 48 sessions and is structured to be followed in order.

Training will consist of three programmed swims per week, with a 4th optional swim.

Both programs are pool-based, designed to build you up to your 3km or 5km open water swim event or goal.
For the 3km program, you should have a basic level of swimming. The sessions begin with a total distance of 1.6km per session, and increase to a total of 3.2km session by the end of Part 3.

For the 5km program, you should have an intermediate level of swimming. The sessions begin with at a total distance of 3km per session and increase to a total of 5.2km session by the end of Part 3.

These programs run in three parts;

  • PART ONE = Weeks 1 – 4: Introduction: lay your foundation/build fitness/refine technique. Total of 16 sessions.
  • PART TWO = Weeks 5 – 8: Pace work: develop your speed. Total of 16 sessions.
  • PART THREE = Weeks 9 – 12: Distance transition, followed by one taper week and final prep. Total of 16 sessions.

It is highly recommended in addition to this program that you make contact with an open water swim coach who can help you; 1. know your competency in the open water, 2. give you specific individual skills to work on and 3. prepare you with specific advice on how to swim the event.

Cost: The total cost of each program is $120. You will receive the sessions in PDF format.

Please email Chloe: swimcoach@fitandabel.com if you’d like to purchase either of these programs, and/or if you’d like to be informed about further distance programs (e.g: 10km program).

Pay as you Go Pricing Options

Private 121 lesson or consult with Dan

  • 60min = $165
  • 40min = $99
  • 6x 30min lessons = $420

Private 121 lesson or consult with Chloe

  • 60min = $125
  • 40min = $90
  • 6x 30min lessons = $360

Waltham Casual Swim Pass = $10 for a single session, or purchase a 10-swim pass for $100

Waltham Casual Swim Season Pass = $320

Coached Squad at Waltham = $17 for a single session, or purchase a 10-swim pass for $150

Lake Tahi Swim Opportunities – click here

Have a question? CONTACT US: info@fitandabel.com

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