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Use it or lose it!

What an ingenious design our bodies are, they have mobility, agility, temperature control, intelligence, etc. Disappointly we make little use of the vast array of attributes our bodies provide. The scary thing is the human body is so clever it can recognise that we no longer need a function. Your nervous system basically ‘forgets’ how to perform a task. This can be summarised by the term ‘use it or lose it’, and when it is applied to the human body it is oh so true. That is why consistent movement is so important to keep the nervous system in tip top condition. What is your nervous system?  Guess what controls your heart, lungs, muscles, movement, breathing? You guessed it, the nervous system. Rather than just keeping the status quo with your nervous system you can very easily improve its functioning by continually challenging it. How do we do this? It is not that difficult; by placing demands on the nervous system our clever human body will respond and adapt. How can I do this? Easy. Instead of swimming for three 1 hour sessions each week, do four 45 minute workouts and make them a little bit harder. Vary the time and the intensity. Remember the body is smart, it will adapt no matter what you do,  therefore it is vital you continually change your workouts and continually challenge yourself.  Remember; Use it or lose it!

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