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The Athletes Goggle Guide

As a swim coach I get asked regularly ; “Can you name a brand of goggles that fit comfortably, don’t fog and don’t leak?”  No I cannot . We all have different shaped faces.  What works for me might not work for you. A good set of goggles should … be comfortable , not leak, be appropriate for the conditions (tints for sunshine or clear/blue/orange for cloudy days) . All goggles will fog eventually. The only way to find a good pair for you is to try them on. There are so many options. I looked around our swim squad a while back and realised just about every swimmer was wearing a different set of goggles. Within the group we probably had a broader spectrum of goggle styles than any swim store. Therefore I thought I would ask our Rio swimmers for their comments and goggle preferences. Here are the results in no particular order:

Introducing our Rio 2016 Talent squads athlete goggle guide…








Carolyn …TYR Goggles – http://www.amazon.co.uk/TYR-Special-Polarized-Goggles-Purple/dp/B008CPHRCOPolarized Purple and Pretty!








Chris … These are Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Clear Lens Goggles SS14 White/Black. They worked very well this morning. Good vision, light, comfortable and no leakage.







Charlie… It’d be useful to those of us with imperfect sight to have a range of prescription goggles. I get the option for vision but I have to compromise on all other factors others would be looking at eg depth, fit, etc. Since the advice is never to swim in contact lenses (in case of infection) it seems a missed opportunity. http://www.oceanleisure.co.uk/swim-triathlon/eyewear/adults/tusa-platina-v-500-swim-goggles.html






Nicola… At the last Cold Water Swimming Champions at tooting lido there was a company selling Swans Goggles. Nancy said they were the best. They are extremely expensive.. More than £20 but I’m a complete convert. They are really comfortable and never leak. And lasted about a year. I bought a pair of open water Swans that are hexagonal. They are the most agonising goggles I have ever worn. Therefore I reverted back to the regular type.. They only had these pink ones at Swimshop. They are quite cool. I wouldn’t consider any other brand now. 🙂








Mark … The Aqua Sphere Kayenne’s are simply the only swim goggles that have proved to be both water tight and robust whilst offering a wide 180 degree view. Perfect for open water swimming.

Pip Barry








Mr Pip Barry… My Goggles are so great I can even use them when on the computer

Pip Barry2






Pip also says…Zoggs predator and predator flex. I like both my predator and predator flex so much I sometimes use both at once. My yellow Predator goggles get used when its overcast or dark or cold they bring out the sun even when it is not there.The predator flex normally get used when entered in races as they do not leak or steam up and have great vision

Anna Brim






Ann … Aqua SphereVista .These are the only goggles that work for me. Great 180 vision. Work best when put on dry. Anti fog wears out eventually so then need spraying. Quite pricey.







Barbara … My lovely new Aquasphere ladies Kaiman goggles. Comfy, easily adjustable, don’t leak or leave goggle dents, come in clear or tinted and you can get them in pink! What’s not to like?

Pip Tunstall







Pip T … my  goggles… AquaSphere ‘Vista’  – until I got these I hadn’t found any that didn’t leak – I would like to have smaller streamlined ones so that I don’t look as if I’m just going snorkelling but I think my eye sockets are a bit misshapen or face just odd! These work a treat for me.


Alex says … I have 3 pairs…







TYR Flexframe:I found these goggles difficult to adjust with narrow visibility and uncomfortable nose piece.  They dont have a “natural” fit to the face and you constantly have to push them to your face to get a good seal.  I stopped using these a while ago.









I replaced them with a pair of Tinted Predator flexes which I have been swimming with for the last 2 years and will continue to do so.

Alex3They are easy to adjust and have good visibility.  The nose piece is comfortable and they  form a nice seal without have to tighten them much.  These goggles have done me well on crowded swim starts where you get the occasional foot to face.  Comfortable on the long swim.







I have recently purchased a pair of Aqua Sphere Kayenne’s as I wanted some clear goggles for the more gloomy days.  I was just going to purchase a pair of clear Predator Flexes but thought I would try something new.These goggles are slightly larger than the Predators and provide a greater degree of visibility which I have been enjoying.  They are just as comfortable and easy to adjust as my Predators.  I haven’t tried them on a long swim yet but might give that a try on the weekend.









I can’t comment on the anti-fog abilities of any of the goggles as I use anti-fog religiously (a habit formed from diving and under water photography) {Take note swimmers – Ed}











Gail says …

Please find my helpers modelling our favourite goggles.

The first is the Zoggs Sea Demon, always good for a surprise in the pool, if better suited to a smaller (rather grumpy) face. Holographic lenses and UV protection. Nice.












Mandy says…

Aquasphere women’s Seal Xtp goggles, are the most comfortable goggles I’ve ever worn, they don’t leak and have great visibility.  The soft silicon skirt means you don’t have to walk around with goggle prints around your eyes all day.  They are particularly good for winter swimming as the silicon seal is quite wide and you can tuck your hat over the seal to prevent icecream head.  They’re great for open water and swimming in the lido but would be really un cool for indoor swimming and not good for diving.  They rarely fog up but best to rinse out with shampoo every time.








Will says… They’re pretty simple but they’ve served me well for over a year. I think they’re Zoggs Fusion Air.  I like the fact you can see out the side – handy when you’ve got a eye out for the blue clock!

Thank you to all the athletes who submitted to our athletes goggle guide. Swimmers take note – spending some time finding the right goggle for you and your swim needs can make a world of difference to your swim enjoyment. Ed






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