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I Swim Because …


Some thoughts on swimming, written by members of the Rio Talent Squad…

Tooting Bec Lido. Londons Oasis.

Tooting Bec Lido. Londons Oasis.


“I’ll be honest, I don’t like swimming. This may sound odd as a member of Dan’s sessions but I’ve never been a big fan and didn’t go in a pool for 18 years before I started swimming with Dan. Getting up at 6.00am every Tuesday and Thursday might not seem like fun but when I decided to not swim in 2014 there was a massive gap in my summer. Tooting Bec Lido is an incredible pool which at times feels almost otherworldly (the strangest occasion was when I was the only person in this vast space and poolside there was a folk band playing beneath a gazebo and a woman skipping around the pool). When you put the lido together with Dan it transforms. Dan’s sessions are hard but fun and funny and he may often confuse people with his strange terms and funny accent but they make me get out of bed and feel great at that end of each session and for the rest of the day. Who needs more motivation than that? Even on my off days when I’m not swimming well it’s still a great place to be as the sun comes up and you’re under open blue skies. The Rio Talent Squad is a great bunch with mixed abilities and Dan makes it work. The cake is also a great addition although the quizzes have been missed this year. The lido is great to swim in, by yourself or with others, and I won’t go in an indoor pool because it’s just not the same. South London is lucky to have such an amazing facility and who can believe it’s 109 years old?” Mark M


“With Rio less than 12 months away ‘Swim Club 15’ is the last chance saloon for selection! Best way to start a day with a rousing swim, a bit of banter and the occasional slice of cake.  Rio ’16 has set me up for my two long swims of the season with a great Bridge to Bridge under my belt (or drawstring on my trunks) and a 10 miler down in Devon as a finale to the season.  The easiest and most enjoyable way to keep in shape over the summer and the ideal way to set up your day.” Richard K


It makes me feel alive”. Sue R


“ Summer sun shines through Rippled water, fresh and cool. I smile and swim on”. Stu W

Emma + Cake

Emma + Cake

 “I swim because I eat cake”  Emma


Getting mildly hypothermic and warming up on the bike on the way to work. A great way to start the day!” Chris 


Strip/Stretch/Scary Dan/Submerge/Suspend /Stroke/Shiver/Sprint/Scull/Shiver/Snozzle/Swallow/Struggle/Sink/Shiver/Streamline/Share/SMILE/Sod it/Just swim. Pip


I have never been happier this summer than when Ive been having a giggle in freezing cold water at one end or the other. Nicola




“The water demands swimmers.  The swimmers need a coach.  Add 1 cone of speed, 1 blue clock, 2 black lines, 1 unforgiving laser beam and 91.5m of cool water.  Mix well with a happy diversity of swimmers, some wetsuits removed, and add a pinch of lane discipline. Combine with a generous dollop of learning, laughter, enthusiasm and encouragement.  Sprinkle with sunshine and garnish with a touch of kiwi inspired magic.  Best served chilled during the summer months.  For me the recipe was the springboard into open water this season (think more fish out of water than the ease and streamlined movement of an otter).  A taste of joy (or was that a taste of lake!?).  Truly inspired!! “ Karen W

 “Another summer is soon ending, which also mean the countdown for my next group session will begging. Next June seems so far away! (well this was what happened for the last few years. Sadly I won’t be living in London anymore by next term)I used to be a runner and kept injuring myself until a feet surgery where I had to rest for few months. This is when I felt no choice to start swimming. Believe me I never liked the idea of doing lane swimming and found that very boring at the start. That was until I found the FitandAbel fitness group session at Tooting Bec Lido. I got hooked from session 1 and have never had so much fun training. This year I join the early bird group for the 6:10am session, people think I am crazy, I do to when I hear my alarm going off but after 2 minutes being in the water it always feels the right choice and the day feels lighter and I have much more energy after.Fun, laugh, friendship, outdoor fresh air, no more injuries since I learn to swim properly, cakes, I love my group training! What am I going to do in Montreal ? I will think about everything I have learn when I will go back to swim in our lakes. Thank you! Will miss you all next year.” Roxanne

“I swim because swimming makes me a better and happier person, and because it puts me amongst the best, kindest, bravest, finest, loveliest bunch of people you could ever wish to meet.” Barbara


 Thank you to all the amazing swimmers of the Rio Talent Squad / Tooting Bec Lido


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