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Goodbye 2012

What a year; Olympic swimming magic, good bye Michael Phelps and no surprise at the continued meteoric rise in the popularity of Open Water swimming.

Some thoughts to finish 2012 … the most common goal I hear from a new swim client is : ‘I want to swim faster and more efficiently’. Is this achievable for everyone? Absolutely. Is it something your loved one can buy for you and place gift wrapped under the tree to be opened on on  Christmas day? Yes and no. ‘Eh?’ I hear you say. Yes : knowledge is power. A swim technique book or video can help, swim lessons or swim membership to a swim group can also help. No : there are no short cuts. You will still need to do the work and that doesn’t mean simply swimming more laps. It means learning at least some theory behind good swim technique, learning what makes up your current swim technique. Most importantly is means understanding what you need to change, them applying the changes so that good technique becomes second nature.

Do we all need to swim like Michael Phelps to have a great swim experience? No. I certainly don’t, but I never stop trying to improve, for me this is part of the joy of swimming. For you the joy of swimming might simply be you want to swim 4km in open water comfortably. This comes down to your goals and your comfort level. Open water swimming doesn’t have to be about competing against someone else nor does it need to be about racing the stop watch. Some of the most inspiring swim stories this year for me have been when a swimmer completes their first 10km swim or having a safe and fun open water swim experience for the first time. News flash: you don’t need to go to the Olympics and win a gold medal to have a swim journey that is just as challenging and rewarding.  My challenge for you for 2013 – set your own swim goal. Be realistic but still challenge yourself. A life led entirely in your  comfort zone is not only safe it can be boring and totally unfulfilling. Comfort zone … open door … get out.

Be safe, swim within your limits, get some professional advice, swim with friends but most importantly get swimming.

Merry xmas from Fit&Abel , have a great festive season. May 2013 deliver the swim adventures, challenges and rewards you seek.

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